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Fuel Cell Petrol is your number one choice for all your fueling needs. We provide our customers with the fastest and friendliest deliveries using the highest quality and efficient fuels available. From residential to commercial to job site filling, let Fuel Cell Petrol be your top choice for all your fueling needs.

So the next time your tanks are low and wallets are a little thin, call Fuel Cell Petrol for a fast, friendly, and worry free fuel oil delivery. We are located in Stockertown, PA in the heart of the Lehigh Valley, and can be 1-877-456-FUEL or email at sales@fuelcellpetrol.com.

All Fuel Oil Orders must be 150 gallon minimum. There are no exceptions to this unless management approves. If the 150 gallon minimum is not met upon delivery a $25 FEE will be applied to your bill.


NO FEE to Restart Furnace!
$75 Charge added to bill for weeknight deliveries.
$75 Charge added to bill for weekend deliveries.

OUR FUEL ADDITIVES: (click on logo for more details..)        
At Fuel Cell Petrol, we know that paying a heating bill can sometimes be overwhelming. Fuel Cell Petrol is a LIHEAP (Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program) participant. Let Fuel Cell Petrol know if you are approved, and we will do the rest!


Need your fuel oil removed from a tank because of a conversion to natural gas or propane? Or you want it transferred to another tank or location? WE DO THAT!!! PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS!!

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