Fuel Cell Petrol - How We Began

Fuel Cell Petrol: Driven to Provide Top Performance

We’re racing to the front in home heating oil and commercial fuel delivery in the Lehigh Valley.

How did we become known as Fuel Cell Petrol? A fuel cell is, simply, a gas tank in a race car. It’s at the heart of what delivers top performance. It’s reliable and fast. It’s efficient and modern.

It’s driven.

Fuel Cell Petrol takes these virtues to heart as we deliver home heating oil and commercial and industrial gasoline and diesel throughout Northampton County and beyond.

Our family business is reliable, delivering fuel on time and on schedule whenever you need it with friendly customer service. We’re fast, often delivering in fewer than 48 hours and even same-day or in emergencies.

We’re efficient, with fuel blends designed to generate the most energy and keep your infrastructure running smoothly – with top cost-efficiency as well. We’re modern, with simple digital or traditional ordering processes and near-touchless delivery.

And Fuel Cell Petrol is driven. We’re driven to continually improve our products, processes, and services. So that you can continue to drive forward yourself.

The Einfalt family has been in business for more than 50 years in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley in Stockertown. We deliver to all of Northampton County and are expanding to southern Monroe County, eastern Lehigh County, northern Bucks County.

As we venture to new places, we’ll remember the virtues of a fuel cell are what guide Fuel Cell Petrol everywhere.

The Fuel Cell Petrol Team

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