Fuel Additives

Fuel Cell Additives

Fuel Additives for Efficient Heating Oil, Diesel, and Gasoline that Protects Your Equipment

For residential, commercial, and industrial fuel deliveries, we use blends designed for both energy efficiency and infrastructure upkeep.

At home or at the work site, equipment loses efficiency when the wrong fuel blends are used. Not only may the fuel burn less efficiently, but infrastructure like home heating oil tanks, furnaces, skid tanks and even engines can become less efficient from sludge/carbon buildup, gelling in low temperatures, oxidization, fuel waxing and other hazards.

Fuel Cell Petrol works with suppliers and partners to design the optimal blends for home heating oil, diesel and gasoline fuels alike for consumers in Northampton County and beyond. With carefully selected fuels, equipment stays in good repair for longer and the fuels not only produce more MPG/HPG but can be more environmentally friendly.

Our additives and blends provide first-class fuel that separates us from competitors. Fuel additives can include:

FreezeBlock Elite Label

FREEZEBLOCK ELITE for outdoor heating oil tanks to prevent sludge or water buildup. A must for an outside tank for added protection against sludge/water/ice buildup.

HeatMax Pro Label

HEATMAX PRO which improves the overall heating oil fuel quality by preventing harmful sludge buildup. Added to EVERY gallon of heating oil we delivery!

Diesel Boost Plus

DIESELBOOST PLUS is a diesel additive that enhances fuel/engine performance to help prevent against costly repairs.

ArcticFlow Max Label

ARCTICFLOW MAX is a diesel additive to resist fuel gelling at low temps. This is added to ALL diesel fuels by default from Nov. 1 to April 1.